D_logGreat teams are build on the foundation of great leadership.  And great leadership is built on the foundation of great trust.

That has been my personal motto for over 25 years and has proven to work time and time again.   But trust gets broken when you allow the Brilliant Jerk to impact your culture, your employees, and your customers.

Brilliant Jerks play by their own rules and damage the trust that you are working so hard to build.   The good news is that not all of them are doing it on purpose.   Some Brilliant Jerks don’t realize their impact on the rest of the organization.   And when their behavior is brought to their attention, they actually can and will change.

But change is not easy.

Nor is it quick.

But with coaching, guidance, and tools there is hope for the Brilliant Jerk in your organization.

Meet Coach Dave

As a former telecom executive (MCI, Nextel, XO Communications) and COO of a Denver-based software development and consulting company, Dave Meyer (or, Coach Dave, as he is widely known) takes pride in developing leaders and strong, empowered teams. He knows that great teams are no accident but are developed through intentional leadership that values people.

The author of the Amazon Best Seller The Engaged Manager, Coach Dave has been a DiSC® practitioner for more than a decade and is widely viewed as an expert in Behavioral Styles and Emotional Intelligence.

Coach Dave combines his certifications with personal experience to provide advanced leadership development to organizations that are ready to empower their teams and grow leaders throughout the organization. Without feedback there is no growth, and Coach Dave uses a variety of tools to provide valuable feedback and insights to leaders at all levels of the organization.

​Since 2002, Coach Dave has authored numerous articles that have been published in a variety of magazines and websites worldwide. In addition to The Engaged Manager, Coach Dave was a contributing author to the popular book, Creating Workplace Community: Motivation, published in 2004. ​In 2009, he co-authored a self-guided DISC tutorial for professional coaches with Laurie Valaer, entitled the “DISC Coaching Catalyst: Your Guide to Uncovering Motivations and Revealing Blinds Spots”.

Coach Dave builds trust by developing a personal rapport with clients and he has a genuine belief that the laws of abundance and attraction mean that the best ideas should be shared with all.

What should I do now?

Take a few minutes and read through the blog to see if your Brilliant Jerk is portrayed there.   If so, the blog posting will give you a few ideas on dealing with them.

For more information on your Brilliant Jerk you can buy individual chapters of the book Diary of a Brilliant Jerk.  Each chapter contains more insights into the Brilliant Jerk and suggestions for dealing with them.

Of course, ultimately it will require the Brilliant Jerk to recognize the challenge they face and their impact on the team.   And that’s where coaching can provide them with new insights and ways to strengthen the team.

Contact me at Dave@CoachDaveMeyer.com for more information about coaching.

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